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Обновление AirOS v5.5
Обновление AirOS v5.5


Операционная система Ubiquiti AirOS для оборудования Ubiquiti обновилась до версии 5.5.  Ubiquiti AirOS v5.5 поддерживют все устройства серии М и Titanium, а также AirRouter и PowerAP N.

Последнюю версию прошивки можно загрузить на сайте UBNT.

В финальной версии Ubiquiti AirOS 5.5 были сделаны следующие изменения (April 10, 2012):



Поддержка новых продуктов 

  • New: Bullet M2 Titanium
  • New: Bullet M5 Titanium

Добавлен новый функционал

  • New: Management VLAN support
  • New: Advanced network settings configuration mode
  • New: RADIUS MAC authentication
  • New: Low TX power mode support for all M series models
  • New: AirMax client support for 802.11 a/b/g products
  • New: DHCP relay functionality in Router/SOHO Router mode
  • New: UPnP server support in Router/SOHO Router modes
  • New: Ability to Block WAN Access in SOHO Router mode
  • New: Fallback IP for PPPoE client
  • New: 3/8 MHz channel width support for M900
  • New: 8/30 MHz channel width support for M2/M5
  • New: 8/25 MHz channel width support for M3
  • New: 25 MHz channel width support for M365
  • New: Full range of channel width options in Compliance mode
  • New: Max allowed MTU size for newer HW revision models is 2024 bytes
  • New: Make Device name the Product Model by default
  • New: Separate throughput graphs for LAN0/LAN1 interfaces
  • New: Option to create support info file with ping watchdog before device reboot
  • New: Enable/Disable CDP option in Device Discovery section
  • New: Check for existing uploaded firmware image when opening System page
  • New: Prepare for IPv6 support
  • New: Traffic shaper for ingress traffic
  • New: Notification for software updates
  • New: Add PPPoE service name configuration
  • New: Kernel patches for SIP conntrack/NAT support
  • New: Show AirMax priority in Main page for Station mode

Исправлены ошибки

  • Fix: Configuration change causes device with a long uptime to lock up
  • Fix: Device stops passing traffic after some time and requires a reboot or "kick" to work again
  • Fix: Dynamic DNS update after PPPoE session initialization
  • Fix: Station list is empty when there are few stations associated
  • Fix: Port ID is mandatory in CDP packet
  • Fix: STA-WDS in bridge mode is passing back multicast/broadcast packets
  • Fix: "Antenna Gain" and "Cable Loss" fields are locked for LocoM900 with external antenna
  • Fix: Incorrect connection time reporting
  • Fix: Timestamps reset because of stuck beacon. Causes other manufacturers` (i.e. Tranzeo) devices to re-associate.
  • Fix: Can`t launch airView with HTTPS enabled on IE8
  • Fix: Traceroute fails to DNS host with multiple addresses  

Сделаны улучшения и изменения по просьбам пользователей

  • Improvement: Linux kernel update to 2.6.32 version
  • Improvement: AirMax performance in large PtMP networks
  • Improvement: AirSync performance in PtMP networks
  • Improvement: ACL List: Dynamic list now allows instant changes (no restart or dropped connections required)
  • Improvement: ACL List: MAC list limit increased from 64 to unlimited
  • Improvement: ACL List: Ability to add comments to MACs
  • Improvement: ACL List: Ability to enable/disable a MAC without removing it from the list
  • Improvement: DFS functionality improvement according FCC/ETSI requirements
  • Improvement: Report Horizontal / Vertical antenna instead of "Chain 0 / Chain 1"
  • Improvement: New look for wireless mode configuration
  • Improvement: Various WEB GUI tweaks, changes, improvements
  • Improvement: Send NASID in Access-Request packet.
  • Improvement: Add internal speed test tool to DMZ exemption ports
  • Improvement: Hide Discovery Tool for read-only account  
  • Improvement: Extension for Port Forward configuration. Allow to specify Public IP  

Выполнены региональные обновления

  • New: Initial Login page with Country/Language selection
  • New: Replace Obey Regulatory rules with Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit functionality
  • New: Remove possibility to change country for some countries (USA, Spain)
  • New: Remove indoor range for Brazil (5.1-5.3GHz frequencies)
  • New: Show Band C for UK Frequencies
  • New: Add Iraq country code
  • New: Add Nigeria country code
  • New: EIRP limits for US Regdomain on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band
  • New: Add German translation
  • Fix: Regulatory rules update for Australia
  • Fix: Devices with selected country Ukraine doesn`t work in 5GHz band

Дополнительная информация

  • Note: SNMP interface indexes have changed with v5.5 due to advanced network configuration options
  • Note: AirControl v1 Configuration changes are not supported with v5.5 firmware
  • Note: Possible Web UI issues with out of date browsers (i.e. Firefox 3.6). It`s recommended to use current browser software.
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